I like bikes and boobs. I'm weird, and I prefer to keep it that way...
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

Trottin around on golden horse
Taxis couldn’t pass a driving course
Bentley on twenty-eight’s
Flags on the fenders
Gun fires 38
Draped in gold
All too bold
Dugouts in the city
Potholes hit bentley
Excuse me miss
frappucino in venti

Green light on Broadway
Broads looking my way
Jaw dropping awe shocking
Pop the clutch
Spin the wheels
That’s Pirelli
Speaking louder than Scott Pelley

Taste the gravel
Travel and unravel
Sword cuts the chord
Flying golden lord
Bring horde

V8 screaming elimination
Merican discrimination
Watch the sanitation
As make this place a
Drop-The-Panties Nation